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Host your web forms securely with us!

Very often, there is a need to collect information over a web site, but the use of a simple on-line form is not a workable solution as it is not secure.  Normally, forms information is send via normal email, and as such, is easily readable by any number of people along the way.

We have the solution.  We offer secure forms hosting.  Your customer, patient, or client is redirected to our secure server where they fill out your forms.  We customize this form to give it the exact look and feel of all your other web pages.

Once the form has been completed, an email is sent to you providing the URL on a secure server (128 bit encrypted) where the completed form may be read or printed.  This provides near 100% safely for your confidential data. 

The cost for this service depends on the size of the form, but we price this service between $5 and $15 per month.  There is a one-time set-up charge of $40.00 per form.

For more information, please email sales.

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