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Black Coral Group, originally Black Coral Systems, was founded by Tim Lytle as a hobby company used to fill up his spare time and provide an alternative to watching TV after work.  Mr. Lytle designed a few web sites for friends and gradually added web hosting services.  This business has grown to over 1,000 clients since 1998.

We now offer extensive, robust web hosting at our server farms near Austin, TX and  Orlando,  Florida.  These locations were chosen for their easy connect-ability to the Internet backbone and because the weather was stable, thus avoiding weather related service outages.

We now have almost 100 web servers offering Linux and Windows hosting.

We later added world-wide re-directable toll free 800 numbers because our client base often dealt with international markets, and they needed reliable communication fro the USA and Canada.

We maintain offices both in the USA and in Costa Rica.

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We are happy to announce that we now have added new web servers to our cluster.  This brings the total to 74 servers in Florida.
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