800 Service World Wide - and Re-Directable!

Toll Free 800 service world wide.

Much of Black Coral Group's support is handled from Costa Rica.  Therefore, we needed reliable toll free service from many locations world-wide so our customers could reach us. 

We also found that there was a definite need for toll free RE-DIRECTABLE service.  With that in mind, we opened   What does 'RE-DIRECTABLE' mean?  It means that you can re-direct where the 800 number rings! Anywhere in the world.  And this can be done on-line!  Need you customers (or family) to reach you in England? Germany? Costa Rica?  It is just a click away!  You can even program it to call a cell phone in a foreign land.  Rates are incredibly inexpensive (Costa Rica is just $.15 per minute.  Calls to the USA are just $.06 per minute.  This is a great tool for online businesses, businesses located in countries that cater to foreign trade or visitors.

Also, don't let the name mislead you!  While this is a Costa Rica company, our services our available everywhere.  Our servers are located in Florida, so the rates will always be low. 

For detailed information, please visit our web site at:

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We are happy to announce that we now have added new web servers to our cluster.  This brings the total to 74 servers in Florida.
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